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A new dawn

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We’re a new breed of games company: one that puts its people at its core and isn’t afraid to go in their own direction.

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We bring some of the biggest and most popular franchises to new platforms and audiences across the globe. We love that we get to re-imagine, re-create and re-think the experience for console, PC and mobile with partners like Warner Brothers, Mojang, Bethesda, Sony and more.

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Find your people. Find where you belong.

We speak our own language, have our own unique culture and have developed our own way of doing things. Our strong bonds as a team keep us working hard, winning awards and getting better and bigger every year.

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A games company like no other

A games company like no other

With offices in both the UK and Malaysia we can offer you exciting challenges, world renowned IPs and an amazing office environment. We also believe in value over volume, family-time instead of over-time and champion quality over ‘oh, it’ll do” any day.

We’re hungry to create our own IP too, so if you’ve got original ideas and a can-do attitude, this is the place to be. Want in?